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Originally Posted by camarogpk View Post
yeah by the the way you guys explain it, it does make a lot of sense, i probably could get away with lap if i wanted to push him, but i don't mind the look of the stock lap/sash kit i'm getting, as for the disc brakes and wheels, yes i do need to have the conversion certified, as it didn't come standard 4 wheel disc on the car plus i'm going with 18" wheels
OK. If you went with just a front disc conversion, and not front & rear, you could have avoided the engineer altogether.

Once you modify something that needs engineering (like your brakes), then all bets are off, and the rest of the car must be updated. Doesn't matter what your getting modified, and it doesn't matter what year it was built, or what ADR may apply to that year - that all becomes a moot point.

Because you're converting to 4 wheel disc brakes, you must have lap/sash seatbelts, front and back. No way around it. You may find you might even have to have retractable belts.
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