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Sorry to hear about your issue Glen, I hope you some sort of closure out of it…. But most of all thanks for posting this, I think that this type of post is a very important public service..

A while ago I was at a big car show here in Melbourne & I was admiring some shiny parts that I could use with both my project cars, the vendor in question had the specific parts for both my cars on display right in front of me & was willing to do a nice show deal to save him shipping them home, they were a well-known brand & they ran big ads in a big car mag here & I was just about to part with my hard earned when I quickly googled their name & found quite a few threads on car forums detailing the poor quality & bad customer service that the majority of people seemed to have experienced, couldn’t find one positive post… so I walked away & I’m grateful of the guys who posted their experiences with said vendors’ products as a caution for us all

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