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I have been researching this also....

A lot of opinions.

I did do some research, not all catch-cans are made the same. Also be aware "oil seperator" v's "oil catch can" - are kinda different things.

I did some reading on tests for these types of products. Was for a 4x4 site, mainly aimed at Diesel engines, but blow-by is the same issue from what I can tell. The idea is to stop it reaching the engine. They tested the fancy machined alloy units, v's some others made from plastic like Mann and Hummell Provent, also Flashlube catch Can Pro.

The Provent and Flashlube units proved to be noticeably more effective v's the other types tested.

Out of those two - the Catchcan Pro is the smallest. Still yet to find definitive answers on how long the hoses can be in a seperators setup, and what issues there are if it is mounted lower than the manifold intake hose. Would be great to hide the seperator, but I think you need to be mindful of what effect gravity may have on the system and hose length.

Also - with the baffles - how were they designed?

Check this site:

baffle design is important - as they tested. In your case though - sounds more like a PCV airflow issue. Same site sells the rolls royce of PCV adjustable valves. You might want to research that a little more?

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