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Cheers Coxy.
Looks like a sweet set-up. Wish I'd need it before drilling breather holes & getting baffles welded in May look at that next time or if swap covers, but probably only after a simple fix to what I've already got to see me through those rare extended-WOT applications.

Thanks Sean.
I think your suggestion is probably the direction I should be looking. There seems to be so many mixed opinions on PCVs, but it seemed to help mine run better years ago when first fitted & run one (& breather on opposite side) ever since. But sounds like you're saying swap the PCV for a 2nd breather/catch can?

Not seen those style of separator per the autobarn link before. Not the prettiest, but I'm sure they're effective.

Yeah, I don't disagree Marc,
But from what Ive read, seems is not an uncommon issue in BBCs. Hence the market for solutions Is not litres of oil I'm losing, but makes quite the show when hits the header...
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