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To respond to some of your queries. First I am neither a troll nor a Mexican. my name is Glen Miller I own GM Homes on the Gold Coast for those that want to check me out. As to the Giocattolo 03 name I previously owned Giocattolo prototype 03 of which I purchased from Brian Bolwell and campaigned that car for a few years.
Should you further wish to check me out I can be contacted directly on 0402 994 013
For those wanting copies of the Judgement please go to facebook Nelson Racing Engines Reviews where it is publicly displayed.

Some of you raised paying upfront the full amount, when spoken to by Larry Lewis the sales guy at NRE he stated the sooner I had paid the sooner I would receive my engine package ad as I have spent tens of thousands of dollars from US suppliers from AMD to Strange Engineering and more and not only received parts etc but when there where problems (Riley Motorsport) had those problems fixed promptly I did not expect any difference from NRE.

Further as to the comment spend $240k to recover $55,750. firstly I have recovered $0 and did not start out to spend that much however Tom's legal council is expert at costing large sums of money to chase his client. The reason the judgement is only $70k and has no costs or damages attached is 5 months before the court case an offer to compromise was presented as a tactical play so we would get our costs if it went to court (we banked on Tom not paying the $55,750 so he would not pay the $70k) Toms attorney accepted this the day the trial opened as it had not been withdrawn.
Make no mistake this was a tactical move on their part to limit their loss however they did not accept the $70k and give me the money. I STILL HAVE $0
So again BEWARE as I don't want anyone else to be stuck in my position.
If you want any further clarification as to this please eather message me your email and I will happily forward All information re thi or feel free to call.

Those of you who know Craig Munroe of the Commodore TRYHARD fame may further confirm the above information as he purchased an LS twin turbo and when he couldn't take Toms bull**** and promises he and a pal flew to LA and stood at NRE for three weeks until he forced the completion of his engine package then took it to the shipper himself

Barrie Adams, brother of Paul Adams (Paul Adams transmissions Geelong) has paid over $65k US and shipped the front half of his Holden to Tom and over 4 years later has nothing to show for his money.
Southern Rod & Custom in Hay NSW have a customer that took 3 years to get an engine package from NRE (572 Hemi TT) same as the package I paid for bun never received. They wont comment on NRE as the owner states he has nothing good to say.

I also have court documents for a case settled the week before mine where Ed Carter an American sued Tom/NRE and Tom settled the day before the trial.

Please feel free to confirm all of the above
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