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Don't know how accurate it all is, but here's what I get from that info.

Your Serial Number 15b569520
(info taken from: )

1 =Chevy
5 = 1975
b = Vehicle assembly plant Baltimore, Maryland
569520 = ast six digits of VIN

Casting Number 3970010 could be 3 options:
According to this page:

-1969----350--255/350--4--Truck/Passenger/Chevelle/Chevy II/Corvette/Camaro

-1969----302---290----4----Z-28 Camaro

-1970/80--350--145/350--2/4---Truck/Passenger/Chevelle/Chevy II/Corvette/Camaro

Suffix Code KO5 29 CMJ

K= Engine Assembly Plant McKinnon Engine Plant
05 = Assembly Month MAY
29 Assembly Day 29th
C = Motor Division Chevrolet Passenger car
MJ = only on 350 BLOCK

1975--350--145--4---THM 350/400, federal
1974--350--160--4---t400 police

So with all this info you'd assume it is an original 350 4 bolt Block, built in 75 from an ex-Federal Car. But that just my conclusion
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