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“Importers need to obtain sufficient information, prior to shipment, when unsure of any asbestos content, parts or components accompanying the primary item of import that are a risk (such as gaskets), or whether asbestos was present at any point in the supply chain process,” the notice reads. “If the information presented does not provide sufficient assurance, the ABF will require importers to arrange testing and certification in Australia… For testing in Australia, the ABF will only accept certification from a laboratory, that is accredited by NATA to undertake asbestos testing, that confirms asbestos was not detected.”

That's untrue as have been notified that they will not accept any documentation in relation to asbestos testing abroad. They will not recognise even if done in a Lab in the USA.

They will still pull a container up at random and still charge you the fees in doing so even if you have no Asbestos.

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