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Well no sooner was the old girl on her wheels again & she was back up on axel stands… the brakes have never really worked on this car, no we all know that old Mopar Muscle cars are not renowned in the car world for having the best brakes anyway.. but mine always needed to be pumped when using & bleed every few weeks.. so I decided to everything.. so you’ve already seen new lines go on & a new master cylinder in the engine bay, so the last bits to install where the rear cylinders in the drums…

I’ve never really liked working on drum brakes, I’ve always found that at least one spring will try & make a break for freedom during either the dismantle or the reassembly process… but I’ve had them apart so often now in the last few weeks on this car that I now feel that I could do it blindfolded in much the same way as marines are trained to assemble there weapons… shame that this new skill of mine won’t be any use when my new disks finally turn up… anyway, below is the offending part that needed to be removed…

Once you have the shoes off the drums the cylinders are held n by two small bolts at the back of the drum & of course by the metal hard line that runs along the diff

Once the drivers side was off you can see where the internal seals are shot & the fluid was weeping past

The passenger side was even worse

Old vs new part shot

New cylinder bolted back in & line hooked up

Then reinstall the shoes & all the springs & crap that holds everything together

The last thing that needed to be done to the rear end then was a final tighten up of all of the newly installed suspension bits… the destructions that came with the kit give the final torque settings as one that must be applied when the cars weight is on the wheels…. I guess they imagine that your car is on a 4 post hoist whilst your doing this… I don’t have one of them yet, so I simply put the wheels back on & then put her on a set of ramps.. same out come I guess.. then I slid back under to tighten everything up for the final time… hopefully this is the last time I’m under the arse of this car for a while now

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After I had replaced the fuel line with braided hose a few weeks ago I had decided that I would replace all the hoses in the engine bay as some of them where starting to look a bit old & some slight cracks & nicks where in them all.. so I decided to play with braided hoses again… I swear this is the automotive equivalent of working with leaches… I have never lost some much blood from a thousand tiny stab wounds as I did working with this stuff… the hundreds of needle ends on each one are lethal…

So this is how it looked before I started..

& this is how it ended up when I finished…

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Then I decided to move my attention to some interior jobs that needed to be done, first on my list was to replace the front two piece seat belts with new Australian ADR approved three point belts. The design of the original belts if you’ve seen them is that you have a lap belt that you do up

Nothing strange there, then the second part of the belt is the optional shoulder strap that lives up on the roof when not in use

Once you have the lap belt on you undo the top belt & it clips onto the lap belt like so…

I think I’ll actually miss that part of belting up in the car, it was an unusual step but I always loved the metal click sound that it made & you hooked the two part together… anyway, first thing now was to remove the old belts… so I unbolted the stalk…. New vs old stalk shot below…

New stalk installed with all new bolts from the kit too.. I do like the chrome look..

Next step was to unbolt the shoulder section of the belt from the roof, being very careful not to twist the roof lining with the bolt

Then unbolt the floor mounted retractable reel

I was intrigued to find two wires running to this… I know that this will be for a dash light that glows red if you don’t have the belts on… but my dash doesn’t have one & it doesn’t have an empty space where one lived either… so I guess it must have been wired into every car but the dash light must have been optional??

Old kit removed

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New reel bolted in

Third pointed bolted up into the roof

This is how it looks from outside now as there is now a permanent hanging drop

I couldn’t take a selfie shot with me strapped in as I was on my own in the garage.. so here is a pic of belt done up

I’m happy to say that the end of this project is really in sight now… the list of jobs to do is getting very short now… there are some lights to do, the dash has to come apart to swap some pieces over, there is a tiny weep from a bolt on the oil pan to be fixed & then she has to go & get a set of ADR approved rear seat belts fitted as the lap only rears won’t do I’m told sadly… & as that needs some plates welded in it is again out of my range of crappy skills so she’ll be going somewhere for that & then hopefully engineer sign off & on the road…. I can almost smell the unburnt fuel dribbling from here exhaust now…

Oh & I of course need to set up the front suspension as it must be miles out of whack now… but I have bought a new toy for just that little job…

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Not much of an update but a bit more progress has been made, you may remember that due to some past mechanical muppetry the bolts that hold the brake callipers on where buggered.. one so badly that it needed a quarter inch of washers to even seat up in the hole.. I went to my local bolt place & decided to replace all 4 bolts..

I wasn’t happy with just how close the bolts sat next to where the brake lines enter the callipers so I opted for round headed nuts with hex head centres

I think it’s a much neater setup this way


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