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I think I mentioned earlier that there were no technical images for the Ridetech parts on the internet. I assumed having that sort of info was going to assist in the engineering, so have been hassling Ridetech for the info. I did get a response - which give me a little hope:


Unfortunately we do not have an “official document package” which you could hand off to whomever to have this system approved.
The main reason is that we are not sure what exactly is required. . .we have supplied info to customers in the past, but have never been able to get official word on what was needed.

Can you put me in contact with the person performing the inspection or responsible for approval of aftermarket parts?
I’d love to get an official response so we know how to handle requests like this.


Britt A. Marolf
Skunk Werks
350 S St Charles St
Jasper, IN 47546
Direct: (812) 481-4714


Sooooo....maybe if I can get Mr. Ridetech to talk with the APS engineer - process might be a lot easier for the next guy going down the same path.

My concern of course is that making it easier for the next guy might not be in a VASS signatories best interest. Where there is mystery there is they say in the sales world. I am hoping that is not the case though and I can get Ridetech and the engineer to talk and make a document "care package" for the next enthusiast. Will certainly push for it.

See what happens.
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