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The rear was then raised up under the car and the control arms attached. There are bushings that center the arms in the pockets, and the arms have adjustable ends to achieve the proper pinion angle.

The front lower control arm mount uses the original leaf spring pocket to keep it secure. We’ll be running shorter bolts on these parts for final assembly as well.

Next, we applied some ARP Ultra-Torque lube on the threads of the aluminum coil-over shock absorbers to install the spring retaining collar without galling the threads.

Heidt’s chose a 300-pound spring rate for this Camaro application.

The shocks are adjustable units.

The shocks and panhard bar installed. The angle looks a little funky because the rear suspension is at full-droop, even though the coil-overs limit total travel.

The car will now be back on it’s wheels and will be moved into the body shop for bodywork. It’s a little out-of-order for us, but we’re on deadline and have a plan.
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