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Originally Posted by G-man View Post
My car was engineered with the lap belt only for my 68 Charger.

I had a car dealer (importing ferraris etc) go over the car for me to get a blue slip, they had an engineer go over the car as everything had to be done legally, the car got hit back for some stuff, which I needed to get done before approval was given.

The lap belts were fine however.

In the 69 mustang, done by same place, got knocked back for not having retractable belt in front.

So 68 is fine, 69 is not.

That is all I know.

But as said, for my own safety, I wouldn't use just a lap in front. I would most definitely get a proper shoulder/lap belt for it regardless.

Sometimes I do not understand why people want to know this stuff... i mean, regardless of what is legal and is not legal, get a proper belt for your own sake.
Why did your Mustang get knocked back for not having retractable (I assume you mean like a modern inertia reel belt) belts in the front? Australian Fords in 1969 didn't have retractable seat belts and your Mustang is a 1969 Ford. Lap/sash for sure, but not retractable.
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