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Originally Posted by Geoff 4 View Post
Customs didn't think it strange that you were leaning on a 45* angle.....
Ha ha. Funny story about that. As I was going through customs they said they detected metal in my bags and wanted to know what it was. I said they were car brakes. They made me open the bag and the customs LADY says "are they for a truck?" I said "no for my car" she then said "they're a bit big for a car" I asked how she would know and she used to be a mechanic before becoming a customs officer!!! Showed her a picture of the Camaro and all sweet and she waved me through!
My Camaro and Nagari are hybrids - they burn both petrol and rubber and are electrifying

I love PRIUS drivers, they are saving all that petrol for me to use in my V8's :
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