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Cheers guys, sorted the hoses out!

Radiator is in and running nice and cool now. Haven't had the chance to take it for a decent drive yet due to this lovely weather we're having in Perth.

The overflow tank was held on to the car with an ugly bracket so i had threads welded into the radiator to neaten that up.

Made some little brackets up to hold the radiator for now, will get one long piece made in the same sheet to act as a shroud and bracket all in one.

Also re did a lot of the wiring in the engine bay and installed a little fuse / relay box to neaten it all up. Each relay had an individual power and earth run from the battery and it was just a birdsnest near the passenger headlight.




Still is a bit of a mess down there due to where it is and the addition of a thematic switch to run the thermos really messes it all up. Still quite happy with it all though as it's cleaned up the bay a heap and hasnt burn the car to the ground yet. ( first time meddling with auto electrics )

Praying for some nice weather this week to put some k's on it!
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