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Originally Posted by muggz View Post
I walked into my shed today and sighed.. previous owners dodgied up the wiring to the shed with our house powerpoints so it overloads the system as we found out in the pouring rain grrrr!!!
Going to install a sole 3 phase unit and also pinch the old mans hoist winnar!
In the meantime im doing car part shopping
Brother in law bought a house, 6 months later was installing a new external powerpoint on the outside wall, blew the fuse in doing so, hit the switch to reset power. Calls out the power company.

7 hours later, 5 power company cars/guys, 2 police cars and all sorts of sh1t going down. Previous owner is ex-power company lines man, wired the house up so only 2 powerpoints were connected to the fuse box and meter rest of the house was wired directly into the grid with no fuse box or meter.

Brother in law lucky to be alive, he was playing with live wires when he connected up the new powerpoint.

Previous owner facing some pretty serious charges due to possibility of death due to his actions.
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