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The rear suspension consists of tubular control arms with adjustable upper control arms, and a stronger panhard bar with improved bushings.

This frame had some old-school hot rod tricks, like these control arm support brackets that were stick-welded in. We removed them and reinforced the frame to appear more original.

We disassembled the rear axle assembly and media blasted the housing.

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After epoxy and Imron enamel in satin black paint were applied, a new gearset was installed along with bearings and seals to make this 12 bolt rear axle like new again.

Here, the yellow paint illustrates the proper gear mesh contact pattern ensuring quiet operation.

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The front suspension parts bolted to the frame. These are obviously not torqued to spec for driving, but in place to mock-up the build.

Quick-ratio steering gear.

The body was placed back on the frame, and the whole rig was supported on jackstands. It was time to finish fitting the 6.0 LS and T56 transmission in the car.

The transmission tunnel would need completion, but there’s only one way to know if something really fits, and that is to put it together and measure.

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The floor opening was increased for the transmission and Quicktime bellhousing.

A loose cardboard mock-up was made to get an idea of the shape of the tunnel. This car will be running a stock 1965 Impala console, so a mounting surface was required for that as well.

The new tunnel was made and welded in place.

A few ribs were added to strengthen the firewall at the tunnel.

Now we had plenty of clearance for the transmission.

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