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Name: Steve
I started the resto in 2002. I was only supposed to fix a few things like the dash ducting, and improve the subframe conversion, but as you all know, one thing lead to another and before i knew it, the Camaro was spinning on a rotisserie.

First up was to improve the subframe conversion which I felt was beyond improving.. So, I returned it to LHD using some doner parts and sold it.
The new subframe just happened to be in an online mate's backyard in Arizona.
My good friend Jim delivered it for me for free to Ventura CA so Pete could bring it here.. (Yes, I insisted on slinging him some cashola for his troubles)
Here it is in Ventura, waiting to be loaded into the container.

I knew it was slightly bent, but only out by about a 1/4" or so on the front "horns". Diagonals were pretty good, but some tweeking was required.
No biggy.. I bolted it and the crane to the floor and used a pully to tension the frame in the direction I wanted it to move, then a few taps with Sister Sledge.. I used a cable ratchet to pull the frame so it's diagonal measurements are now within 1/4".
Looks brutal, but it did the trick nicely.

I made a jig for the subframe to do the conversion on using the factory dimensions and a very straight, borrowed subframe. Forget plumb-bobs and spirit levels! A jig will allow me to transfer holes from oneside to the other with plenty of accuracy.

This pic shows the steering box section (cut from a bent Australian delivery Pontiac Parisienne subframe) being located (very accurately) on the right side.

An almost finished top view..

..side views.

Home from the blasters..

..and primer, ready for paint..

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