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Being very naive and not exactly knowing what or how to get the Camaro up & running, I had a mate of a mate who did conversions complete the assembly, finish off the wiring and dash and so on.. That was about 1993/4.
The 454 that was supposed to be a fresh rebuild, dropped a valve, but luckily the TRW forged piston stayed in one piece and was good enough to be used again.
So, I pulled the motor and bought new Edelbrock heads, a 4 bolt main block, LS7 rods, and a steel crank. (Deep down I was busting to build me a big block.)

Here is a pic I took when checking piston to valve clearance.. I remeber having to get the piston valve reliefs flycut AND running the cam retarded 2 degrees to get the 0.080" minimum. The cam wasn't that big, I should have got ROSS to make me pistons then instead of later.

This is how the engine bay looked after the rebuild and before the resto.
Back then I loved it, but now I don't.. Too much black.
(Gotta love that Mustang "Caution Fan" decal. )

That thing in front of the MSD is a Detroit Diesel heat exchanger. I use my coolant to control my engine oil temperature. Works brilliantly.

..and here's me thinking I'm some sort of God.. (Circa 1996)

Damn, I wish I never sold that genuine SS hood!

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