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The bottom of the hood and decklid were sanded and prepped, and 3M seam sealer was applied before a final sealer and then basecoat color!

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The plan was to shoot the car in the brightest white we could find, a color called Summit White. We had some mixed in Axalta Cromax SBBC base coat and prepped the car for application.

A booth-load of panels were mounted in the paint booth, then cleaned and degreased with wax & grease removers and preparation solvents. They were then wiped with a tack cloth to pick up any fuzz left behind. Even though lint-free Sontara towels are used, you cannot be too careful.

The first parts to receive the Summit White came out really slick. Painter Jeff Wittlich sprayed several base coats, and then shot Axalta clear over them to bring out the gloss and protect the color.

The backsides of the hood and deck lid were sprayed white as well.

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The backsides of the hood and deck lid were sprayed white as well.

Once the parts had cured, the body shell was rolled back into the booth and prepped for color. The shell was masked with paper, plastic, and 3M tape, then cleaned and degreased, and wiped with tack rags. Jeff also hung the doors and fenders to spray them in color.

The panels were masked to protect the backsides.

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The floor was washed to remove dust, and the car was masked to the floor to keep the bottom side clean.

Soon, it was time to spray the color!

The Cromax base coat “flashes” and dulls, awaiting additional coats and eventually clear.

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After the appropriate drying time had passed, Jeff sprayed the clear and the shine began to emerge.

The stark contrast between the satin Imron black and the glossy Summit White became apparent once the masking was removed.

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