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Inside the body shell, the crew installed the mounting bracket for the Vintage Air Gen 4 air conditioning system. Although the Vintage Air kit comes with screw-in hangers, we find that welding the brackets to the inside of the car allows us to tuck it up as high as we can and make for a cleaner installation.

No that the exterior panels have all been bodyworked and are straight, the body shop crew turns to detail items like the dashboard, firewall, door jambs, and cowl areas.

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The backsides of panels are stripped and sanded in preparation for a black Axalta epoxy primer and Imron topcoat.

The outside panels were all sanded to a 180 grit surface. The body tub was then rolled back into the paint booth and masked for another coat of high build primer.

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The crew left the dashboard and firewall exposed to receive primer for sanding, and anywhere the crew sanded through the primer to bare steel, another epoxy coat was applied for corrosion protection.

After the epoxy had cured, a fresh coat of Axalta high build primer was applied.

Once the primer dried, a layer of guide coat was applied to all the exterior surfaces to make the next rounds of block sanding easier and more effective.

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The door jams, dashboard, and firewall were all treated to the guide coat.

Here, the guide coat is being sanded off in a wetsanding operation. The guide coat makes it easy to reveal high and low spots, and also lets the technician know what areas have been sanded.

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Once the primer is wet sanded to perfection, the firewall, dash, and masked areas are sprayed with satin black Imron. The backsides of the fenders were also sprayed at this point.

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The exterior panels and body shell were sprayed with a guide coat in preparation for more wet sanding.

At this point, the convertible top mechanism was cleaned, prepped, and painted with Imron Satin black.

The body shell and all the exterior panels were then wet sanded smooth with 400 grit 3M paper.

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