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Day 7

With only 1 hour on my hands, I decided to address some of my curiosity about the condition of various panels on the car.

Rear quarters
Left side (drivers) has been cut and reskinned in the past. There is LOADS of bog in this panel. Looks like this will be getting cut off and replaced!
Right side (passenger) is a 'full' panel at least, but has had a decent whack in its life and is also full of bog.

Front fenders
Left side (drivers) looks pretty good. There's evidence of dents and repairs but it looks like it'll be salvagable.
Right side (passenger) is very rough. It's had damage to the front around the headlight, leading into the lower section ... which has been bogged together! There's also a lot of rust in this panel in a number of spots. Looking strongly like a replacement is in order here.

This car was once a vinyl roof car.
By and large it looks like the turret is in pretty good nick ... but there's one or two spots of tin rot that will need some attention by the professionals.

Right quarter ...

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Left quarter ...

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Right fender ...

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Roof ...

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