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Following on from the purchase of my wiper motor, I started to think a bit more about the switch gear that I wanted inside the car.

The wiper motor came with it's own selector switch (for intermittent and multiple speed control, plus 'push button' provision for a wiper washer) with it's own plastic knob. Unfortunately the plastic knob shattered during shipment.

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I contacted the supplier "Yogi's Inc" about this and they were fantastic with their support. They posted me out a new knob immediately and it arrived within a few days.

However whilst pondering this situation, I also started to think about what the other switch gear (for headlights and foglamps) should look like.
After spending a little time researching I stumbled across this nice range of billet knobs and switches on the Ron Francis website.

So ... I went ahead and ordered a handful of goodies;

A 'push/pull' switch for the foglamps (I'll be converting the 69's park/indicator lamps into dedicated foglamps).

A 'push/pull' switch for the headlights, which includes positions for 'park', 'headlights' AND 'hi beam'. This way I can eliminate the foot switch, which I am not a fan of. (The car is manual and I have big feet!).

A billet knob to attach to my new wiper/washer switch from New Port Engineering.

This way all my switch gear (for these core functions) will be matching.

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