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Another 'early purchase' for this build was a replacement wiper motor.

The standard one was still functional but ailing. It's certainly seen better days and I don't know how much longer it would last. Beyond that, it doesn't have an intermittent function and the built in 'washer pump' is broken/removed.

I considered buying one of the DSE 'Selecta-speed' units, but it seems a little over the top (and expensive ... $525 USD) for my needs.
I must say though ... they're a fantastic looking unit.

Instead I found a company called "New Port Engineering" that do a similar unit, for a much better price ($220 USD).
The New Port unit is basically a two speed unit with the added bonus of an intermittent function. Perfect for what I 'need', plus it looks really clean. The slimmer design will also clean up that area of the engine bay a little.

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