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Originally Posted by Nev68 View Post
Loving the build.

Could you have the bolt heads inside the car? Then it will be relatively flat compared to the tail of the bolt with a nut.
I believe it to be possible, we followed the Heidt's guidelines on bolt installation.

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Over in the metal shop, we attacked the old 4-link mounts on the Currie 9-inch rear end. One of the first things we noticed is the seal on the center section… if you’ve used this much silicone sealer, you’ve used too much.

The existing mounts needed to come off so we could install the new brackets from Heidt’s, A stock 1969 Camaro uses leaf springs, so these brackets would not be present.

Note that the brake line is held in place with hose clamps, which is a common way to run them with add-on disc brakes. However, we’ll weld the tabs on with the new brake lines.

The lower brackets need to go also.

A quick start with the HTP Microcut plasma cutter knocks off the big parts…

And the rest is ground smooth with an air grinder and 3M Rolloc discs.

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Heidt’s rear sway bar tabs welded in place with the HTP MIG 200 welder. We chose to MIG these in place to match the MIG welding on the rest of the housing, as well as to expedite the process.

New lower bracket installed on axle housing, which will allow the upper and lower control arms to attach to the rear axle housing:

Panhard bar bracket welded in place:

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