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Down goes the next layer, Dynamat Extreme on the floors....IMO the difference between a good job and average job is how well its applied... and I have found the best tools for this job are:

1 x Small Dynamat Roller (small)
1 x Foam grout float
1 x Foam stress ball (seriously its in the photo )
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Floors done....this took F'N ages to do and my hands were well busted at the end of it
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Took the Dyna as far up the Firewall as possible and all joins were then taped
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Dynamat Superlite applied to the inside of all the panels inc the doors ....the old Fatmat was applied to the face of the door right under the door trims and had started dripping black crap out the bottom of the door trim (and they wonder why the trims didn't fit properly) :roll eyes: so got rid of all that junk and started again...Sorry I only have one sh!tty iPhone photos this as I wiped my phone around this time and lost a heap of photos

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