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Originally Posted by sparky View Post
Hey Zappa - how much does that Nilrust cost, and whats the coverage like per bottle (did you use both bottles or have was there heaps left)?

Also - excuse the ignorance. WTF is a Shutz gun ??? I have normal compressor paint spray guns - I'm assuming that these wont work.
Managed to find the receipt and didn't realise how well priced it was! Looks like it cost me $21.41 per tin (1L) so $42.82 +GST for 2L. I used all of the 2L but the coverage was quite good, there was basically no spot left uncoated and I did several coats on some areas just to use it all up.

Yep a normal spray gun won't work, the Shultz gun is the thing attached to the top of the tin in the photo above and just attaches to a normal compressor....dont worry, I had no idea what one was either I think Nilrust also sell them..
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