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Air filter issues

Having some issues with hood to carb clearance and was hoping for some help.
Running an oval air cleaner with element top lid ( 15 x 8 x 3 element being 2 inches ) Rear and middle clearances are fine but have hood contact at the front.

Need to get a good 1/2 inch clearance. Does anyone know if 1 inch or possibly 1-1/2 inch KN style oval elements exist???? Not having any luck with Dr google.

In saying that I have cut the lower rim lip off to gain some clearance and adjusted linkages to suit.

No more mods can be done to base, rotating air cleaner solved front clearance only to generate problems laterally.

Can't use round air cleaner due to fuel rail clearance issues.

Finding a smaller height oval element will solve my problem.
Sorry for the essay!

Any advice will be appreciated
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