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Hey Guys,
Some interesting responses to the thread, I'll try and answer some of the feedback.
Firstly to the comment I'm some young guy looking at a website of things I can't afford so actively sledging them.
I'm a 48 year old bloke who probably spends way too much of his money on cars and definitely not jealous of anyone doing well. In fact hope people do well so hopefully buy one of our houses!

Payment of the engine combo. Following the order Sept12 payment was made in five installments, four being $10k US per month Oct 12, Nov12, Dec12, Jan13 the a balance payment of 15,750 US expecting a Mar13 delivery, a 6 month build time by then.
By the last day of Sep13 there was no delivery and on Oct13 the order was cancelled with a demand for a refund of funds paid.
As to a dispute, on Oct13 in a phone conversation with Tom where he realised I was not going to wear his BS anymore and wanted my money back Tom told me"Get F...d, we deliver when we deliver and we don't refund"
The love affair with Tom & NRE was well over. a little more than a dispute by this stage. Further Tom's comment of "your half way round the world in Aus what are you going to do?" probably inflamed an already hostile situation.

Some have questioned my sanity by ending up $240k US into this (that includes the original $55,750 for the engine)
Once told by Tom to Get F...D I approached a lawyer in California to try and recover my money and started in the US legal system. I then began a slow bleed of cash. This is a system designed around screwing every dollar out of people and I found myself in a position of "your screwed if you do and your screwed if you dont".
By the time you work this out you are in a position of great financial cost no matter what. So I decided to finish what I started.
Was I nuts? maybe, I'm sure there is always those that have an opinion after the fact however I'm' just a bloke that wanted what he paid for. I am not wealthy (Less for this episode)and started chasing someone with a black belt in lies and deceit and tries to draw everything out so you'll give up and he'll win.
If out of all this I stop someone from having the same experience as me I'll maybe achieved something for a large investment of time, money and emotion.

As to old mate in a post above saying there are good engine builders in Australia, Very true. Robby Abbott of Abbott Race Engines in Southport has built the engines for my other toys and currently has the two sprint car engines for the Challenger as I have now decided to go in this direction with the build. I highly rate his ability.
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