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Has anyone ever said their race car is fast enough and really meant it, ha ha. Car is actually getting more consistent but reaction times are something that really does need some work.

One or maybe two more nights at the track before it shuts down for the winter break so might tweak a few things. I have a lot of thoughts running through my head for what to do before next season. I really should tidy up the body a bit and fix some rust issues, also getting to the point where I need to start thinking of putting some proper safety gear in the car. If money permits I would seriously consider putting a cage in it, but as a minimum it needs a driveshaft loop, should really have one already and a better driver's seat. Performance wise, maybe ditch the hydraulic cam for a solid, it sort of feels like 6,500 rpm at the top end of the track might be about the limit for the current setup.

I'm in the midst of doing some work on my Javelin since the transmission had given up the ghost, but it might give up some performance parts for future Gremlin upgrades in the process.

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