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Haven't done an update for a little while, did go on a little bit of a weight loss program, took out the back seat and rear seat belts as well as loosing the rooftop spoiler (less drag perhaps) and wiper motor, total 46 lbs. Wasn't enough to see any real improvement in the times though.

For some reason, I was looking at the intake air temperature in the Sniper data logs and noticed that it seemed quite high. That got me thinking about cold air intakes given that I was just running an under bonnet open air cleaner.

Having removed the wiper motor, I now had this nice block off plate at the back of the engine bay:

Taking a leaf out of Smokey Yunick's book, you Chevy guys will appreciate this, I figured the opportunity to build a cowl induction air intake was just too good too pass up, so made this:

Debuted the new setup at the Nostalgia Drags and ran 12.002 @ 112.03 mph (180.30 kmh) which set a couple of terminal speed benchmarks as well as being oh so close to an 11 second pass.

Last week I ran it at the Steel Bumper night, hoping the colder night air would give me that 0.003 seconds I needed.

Sure enough after a couple of runs I had pulled off 11.996 and with a couple more degrees timing managed to reel this off:

Living the dream with an 11 second race car:

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