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Name: Marty
The Camaro has'nt moved from under the cover since the Performance Motor Show 6 weeks ago, have'nt even started it up. Spent hours, or should i say days, polishing the rear window trim and the trim on top of the doors. There not quite Summernats elite top 10 standard but they are now about 100 times better than what they were and i'm quite happy with the results. Also waiting for the new hinges to arrive from the US. Need to pull my finger out and get through a list of things to do like fix some oil leaks, change the oil, might do a leak down test as well seeing as i have abused the thing over the summer and fit a System's 1 oil filter. Have to undo and move the header about 10mm to get the bloody thing on though.

Took the '57 around the block a couple of weeks ago for a quick thrash to blow out the cobwebs, needs a good wash too as it's been sitting their for months without the cover on and it's a bit dusty.
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