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Original Sent: Monday, 17 October 2005 9:50 AM

Decided to do some work on Saturday morning. Firstly I traveled to my new favorite place in the whole wide word ‘Lylidale Industrial Park’ (in Vic), it has every single automotive business in regards to American cars any one can think off. I made the trip to talk to a Right Hand drive conversion specialist (as my can is currently left hand drive), although they mainly do mustangs there is a guy their named ‘Colin’ that knows his camaro’s and ffered to do it for me.
We worked out a price (lets just say my Girlfriend has to wait a bit longer for that ring), and figured out how he needs the car, front end striped, motor out, interior removed, and wiring gone. I went home just after lunch and started doing it all.

Decided first thigs first... the front had to be stripped so i could take out the motor... Nothing too hard, just a couple of bolts needed to be WD40'd to "help" them out...
I thought no pointin screwing around and taking the motor and auto out seperatly, since they needed to both be out i just took them out in 1 piece.. allot easier.. disconnected the tailshaft etc first offcoarse...

and here's the 327 my girlfriend has claimed as her "spare" motor for her 39 Chev...

I continued stripping the whole front off, guards and all, took all the interior out, wiring dash etc was also removed, as it would make it easier for the RH conversion.

This is bassically what it ended up looking like by the end of the night..

Didn’t finish until late, and only broke 1 thing.. but that one thing happened to be something expensive.. the windscreen, and it’s an old American car, so I can’t exactly call windscreen o’brians to get a new one like i'd be used to with the commodores.. And that was probably the only thing that i should have been able to salvage from it.. looked it was replaced not that long ago, oh well these things happen...

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