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**Please ignore all dates on photo's, i'm still trying to work the friggen thing out....

After having owned and built numerous VL's (turbo and non-turbo) I decided to finally buy something different.. I had a few cars in mind.. the 3 leading cars were a Ferrari (308 GTx), a early Camaro or a T-Bucket. And of coarse the temptation to do something I know (a VL) was always there..

Each car was chosen for various reasons, Ferrari because ever since I was young I always had a matchbox Ferrari of some sort and I just wanted to say I owned a Ferrari in my younger years..

The Camaro again because I had matchbox versions, and always loved them, was starting see a few more here an there and they were GM's response to the mustang..

A T-Bucket.. well what can I say.. everyone loves a t-bucket.. it's a driveline bolted to a chassis and (literally) a bucket bolted down to it for the driver... can't get any simpler, and I can respray it every other weekend if I want..

In between I checked out a few other cars but nothing really took my fancy.. and as pointed out in the first post I settled on a 1967 Camaro.

In mid september 2005 i came accross one and deicided to buy it...

Now, I would just like to point out I did not jump on the "Camaro" band wagon. I bought it in Sep 2005 after nearly 6 months of looking. As far as I know the price hike and sudden popularity of them started in Jan '06, as that's when I noticed all the spare parts started rocketing in price ... So I got in just in time.

I bought it for a very tidy sum.. allot lower than what you'd expect to find a Camaro in very bad condition now days. I bought it with the intentions of having a project and building it up, i did not look for a "completed" car as it takes away a bit of the fun of having to build it up myself... So here's what i got.. Was only in Australia for a few weeks before i got to it.

It came with a chev-327 (originally a 350 according to the build plates) with a Powerglide, all being put to the ground by 10 bolt diff.

The interior was a bit 'iffy' so the person I bought it off chucked in a brand new OEM black interior. Build plates say it came with the "special" interior but I'm not fussed.

After going over the car thoroughly I knew it had a guard replaced and some rust here and there which was expected.. but the seller also gave me a new genuine rear valance panel and cowl hood. Also included was a rear spoiler, new interior trim bits and pieces, new chrome handles, new mirrors, wipers, badges etc.. also gave me a bush kit, chassis to body rubbers and a whole heap of other stuff.. (all for free) so I think I did quite well.

Also anytime I need anything, I can ask him directly he can find it for me and gives it to me at a very good price...
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