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I returned to the factory this past Saturday, and with a bare metal floor and boot I proceeded to make sure I had gotten rid of all the rust.

I used a new’ish product called POR15 ( ) a great product I would recommend to anyone restoring a car.
It comes in 3 main parts, a cleaner/degreaser, a rust killer and a epoxy/2K paint.

Firstly made sure the surface was clean with the cleaner, then I added the rust killer/converter. What I thought was bare metal and free of rust, this stuff proved me wrong, it showed spots of rust in little crevices. After leaving it for nearly an hour it had turned all the rust into sulfur. Another quick clean with the cleaner and this is what it looked like after a few hours of drying.

*white sandy areas = rust converted.

While waiting for this to dry, I removed the fuel tank and assessed at how I am going to remove the Diff and make sure it is still moveable.

I decided to let the floor dry properly and left it over night in the heat.

As I mentioned before on Sunday we went played golf, and when we finished I headed straight to the factory and gave the floor 2 coats of the por15 paint. 3 hours dry time in between. Finished up at 11:30 that night and went to bed.

When POR15 is completely dry it is as hard as cement and completely seals the metal from outside elements. It Is basically what is used on industrial floors, but with a rust preventative mixed within it to stop rust coming up again.

All I need to do now is rub down and paint all the turquoise parts in the interior with a etch 2pack paint and the interior is done. But I’ll leave that for when I have more to spray.

So that’s where I am with the Camaro.

Next week I plan on tackling and finishing the roof, and if I can, start on the rear quarters.

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