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Originally Sent: Wednesday, 15 February 2006 3:51 PM

After a few weeks absence from working on the Camaro due to may reasons (Girlfriends and all their functions), the Saturday that just past I was able to spend time finishing my firewall…

When I got it back from the conversion joint it looked as follows

I spent a good day grinding it all back to bear metal so I could see all the welds and any imperfection, unnecessary holes etc…

As it can be seen it was actually very warpy, and no way acceptable if I want to paint it black.

First thing I did was hit it with a disc grinder taking out all the high spots, grinding down any ugly welds.

This took me a good full day but before I finished up, I gave it a coat of some quality etch primer to make sure it doesn’t rust and that the paint I put on in the future holds and doesn’t flake.

Next opportunity I had to work on it, I spent the time filling any low spots with a special mix of black bog, high fill and plenty of love.

After initially filling as much as I could I hit it with a flat sander and found plenty more low and high spots (bad if you paint black as they show up)

I filled them as best I could, and gave it a quick coat of black undercoat.

And that is the semi finished product. It still needs another coat of high-fill just to get out any imperfections, and a coat of gloss black will go on it once I do everything else, as I will just end up scratching it.

Also I had the opportunity to work on the upper dash panel. Since I couldn’t find a 1967 top dash anywhere in Australia, I had to use a 1968 one, only real difference are a few extra holes along the top for the extended crash pad and a small slit on the left hand side.

While I was working on the firewall I decided to take it back to bare metal and convert it too a ’67 dash.

As it can be seen by those pinkish dots along the top, I filled them with a mix of bog/high fill and a fiberglass mesh to give it extra strength. In the picture we are applying a special hardener to give it a steel finish and make sure it never cracks…

Anyway, that’s the firewall done and top dash panel.

This weekend I hope to complete the interior sections, floor scuttle panels etc… hopefully I don’t need to replace anything major.

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