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Again.. Please ignore all dates on Photo's

Originally Sent:[/B] Monday, 9 January 2006 3:33 PM (continued)

Anyway I pulled the front chassis (sorry “sub-frame”) off and hit it with a grinder/wire brush to get 30+ years of grime/old paint and surface rust off.. It took me 2 full days.. And that’s no stuffing around, 2-3 hour sessions in a row with a 15 min break in between, not for me, but for the grinder.. The grinder got so hot I actually burnt my hands, but I wanted it done as I couldn’t leave it half bare metal or the surface rust would re-start..

Anyway, I got it done late Saturday..

Here's the modifications they had to do to the chassi for the conversion and the new power steering pump.
Picture on the left is where they filled in the space where the old box was bolted..
Picture on the right is where they made the new section.

After grinding the shiet out of it with a grinder/wire brush, getting it back to bare metal, I gave it a coat of Super Etch metal primer/etcher.
It should keep it from rusting up again, and the etch I bought can be used as an under coat so when I’m ready I can hit it with the shiny 2pak gloss black

Mmmmm looks like new…
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