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Well a few weeks after my visit i was contacted and told my car was ready.. the day after new years to be exact  so it was a great new years present for me.. we quickly organised to get it sent back to me.

While it was literally on it’s way.. I completed setting up it’s new house…. My father graciously allowed me to commandeer a small section of his factory.. I don’t see it staying this neat for long as he tends to run out of room quite quickly.. He repairs bumpers, headlights and makes/modifies/repairs bodykits as well if anyone was wondering..

Anyway.. took it off the tow truck and set it in it’s new spot….

I decided to start working on it straight away.. first thing that needed to be removed was the sub-frame (front chassis).. A task in it’s self… I had never had to remove a chevy front before so I will admit to be a bit perplexed at times..

I removed the front suspension bits and pieces, nearly shooting the whole thing in the air removing the first spring… (no one warned me!!)

And then it was so easy I thought I forgot something.. 4 bolts.. that’s it… that’s all that holds the chassis to the shell…. Anyway.. Here’s the Chassis off… Next project to tackle is to clean that up….

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