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Name: Alan
a few more pics,,,,
Mockup, EFI 302 Windsor from an AU XR8 including BTR 4 speed box,.

Name:  21849363_1215144291964662_564633379_n.jpg
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Name:  25990772_1280995322046225_1375943753_n.jpg
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front shock mounts done,...wheels finally arrived ,..15x8 and 15x10s,...old school with sidewalls....
Name:  26913677_1295315473947543_885140409_n.jpg
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Decided the old single binnacle just wouldnt cut it, a deal on some Dakota Digital VHX gauges,...fabbed a new dash inset plate
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Name:  27590964_1308779345934489_1364854684_n.jpg
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quick mockup of the front sheetmetal for height n clearance check......Elvis approves,...all good...

Name:  27783417_1313699278775829_2078789683_n.jpg
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XF Falcon Split bench ,..couldnt help myself decided t get the upholstery all done nice.,,,
Name:  effy seat 1.jpg
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1969 Camaro Z28 TUF69Z
1964 F100 SWB 64 EFFY

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