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Name: Alan
Got a couple of things....
1/ How do I load images again,,,as these dont seem to be working ....

2/ I sourced LHD Jag reco rack out of the states,....
3/ Sourced a AUXR8 for the drive train n bits.....including Engine, Gearbox, Radiator , AC Condensor fans etc....also thinking power windows, n a few other bits out of the AU..
4/ I have a buddy in Georgia USA who has built one very similar,...hes fittd a 8.8" out of a Ford Explorer, which is 2.4" narrower has a slippery diff n discs.....Ive managed to stumble onto an 8.8" disc braked n 3.7 LSD Explorer diff n used it..
fitted my Jag front end n fabbed a couple of bolt in engine mounts on the Jag front end
5/ Had the chassis blasted, n cleaning it up of all the old bits,...
6/ sourced an EFI tank out of an XG/XH Falcon ute..n made mounts..

next week sand n paint chassis n strip front end to paint n rebuild.....then fab new Fuel line and brake lines...
have 8" double brake booster to fit to firewall n new 1 1/8th " master cylinder.

Sorting a steering column is the next item after that

Any help on posting images would be appreciated


1969 Camaro Z28 TUF69Z
1964 F100 SWB 64 EFFY
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