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ok - pictures are working now (i hope)

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I wanted to match up the bolt heads with the fresh new paintwork on the block, heads and accessories. I know its quite likely that they will chip if you use a rattle gun or driver, but I'm hopeful that this is a better outcome than spraying them once they are on.

So I made up a little paint station in the garage.

I mounted a canvas painting drop sheet up against the back of one of the workbenches to protect the tools and the worktop. Then I grabbed some scrap treated pine sleeper offcuts and jumped on the drill press. I wanted the bolts to sit with the shaft and thread of the bolts protected so that only the heads got colour.

I used a 100w bulb in a desk lamp to help set the enamel and went through the same process as the engine itself. 2 coats of primer and then 2 coats of colour. 10 minute intervals and then 72 hrs to cure. Im, hopeful that will give it a really good bond.

I had all the best intentions in the world to stay super organised and to make sure I knew where everything came from. At some stage in the process - I did mix up a couple of accessory and engine mount bolts. Hopefully it doesn't come back to bite me later.

I also made a little holder for oversized bolts like the harmonic balance bolt. I love little mini projects like this.

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Final update for today.........

Oh dear god. I'm in love

My xmas presents turned up from the US finally (all be it a little late). It looks better than I could of imagined and I'm so glad I picked it. I said in a previous post that I had ordered the black one. I changed my mind at the last second and went with the chrome to match the silver heads and offset the black valley cover.

Let me introduce you to Holley Sniper Intake, otherwise know as "you sexy bitch

[I went straight home and test mounted....

BIG 102mm port for 102mm Throttle body. Going up to 48lb/hr high impedance injectors as well, so that's a lot of juice and a lot of air. Hopefully with a nice cam and tune we get a big bang.

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