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The Xmas break - Part II

With everything cleaned up - I decided to get down to painting. I have read quite a few threads about people that seem upset with painting an LS1 because there is no need. I disagree entirely. The need is to look fantastic and the additional benefit of being resistant to oils and other fluids.

So being christmas, not everything was open. I shot down to bunnings on the off chance that they would stock engine enamel - and to my surprise....BAM, WhiteKnight High temp engine spray paint.

....but they only had the Aluminium Silver in stock. So I grabbed a can so that I could at least get started. I set up a little hanging production line off the pergola - using builders string and cut up pieces of coat hangers. Oh, and that's "Chook" the staffy, hanging out with me.

I got through the mounts and brackets pretty quickly. It was a hot day on boxing day - and you are meant to drop a coat every 10 minutes with this stuff. So I was twiddling my thumbs in no time.

I decided to chance my luck and shoot down to Supercheap to see if they were open. Not only were they open, but there was 20% off everything in store - so I went a little crazy and bought a whole heap of stuff. Including

Hands down, no questions the Dupli-colour paint is 1 million times better than the WhiteKnight stuff. Goes on easier, harder wearing, better nossle - just all round a better option.

Below are a few pics of the painting process.

I know its not the prettiest masking job that you have ever seen - but I used what I had laying around. A4 printer paper and garbage bags.

1st coat of primer on - I was seriously tempted to leave it this colour....

The black looks mint.

Water Pump - heaps of taping off ports and fiddly work.

umm - ignore the weeds.

Head covers

Starter Motor

Masking the heads for painting is a lot more involved. An hour sitting with a Stanley knife carefully cutting around all the ports and mounting surfaces to make sure you get a good seal. Its surprisingly easy but just takes tons of time.

All the spark plug ports were stuffed with rags as well

End result - STOKED

That the final result with the water pump mounted for visual effect.

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