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A few updates to make

Hey guys,

I have been a busy boy over the xmas break. I have just posted 6 new updates on my blog

Im going to try and replicate it all here. I'll break it into 6 comments to try and replicate.

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Well - I had a bit of free time over the last week, so I decided to finish the LS1 teardown and get my clean on. Thanks to a leak in the timing cover plate, the accessories were completely filthy. and the main body of the engine was caked with oil and dirt.

I had been toying with the idea of buying a parts washer and mounting it in the garage - but it seemed prohibitively expensive and doesn't really solve the problem of a dirty block. So I bought a couple of tubs from Bunnings, and mate a wash station outside on the patio.

Pretty simple set-up - I had a strong mix of heavy duty degreaser and water in the left tub with some scrubbing brushes and steel wool. Then in the right tub, I just had a standard garden hose with the pressure setting on the fitting.

It is pretty time consuming but the results were fantastic.

The for the block and heads and oil pan, I got out the pressure washer and doused it all in degreaser. To spite being covered head to toe in oil and gunk - the results were also spot on. So happy that I took the time to do it properly.

These photos were taken after I had removed all the rags and cardboard that I used to block up the cathedral ports and spark plugs and extractor ports etc etc.

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