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Hey guys, looking at going a bit crazy on the Camaro soon, specifically throwing the whole speedtech parts catalogue at it

Looking into the extreme subframe, torque arm rear, C6 Z06 brakes and a set of wheels to run a 295 / 335 tyre combo.

Unfortunately the subframe isnt designed to fit a BBC so i'm looking to turf it in favour of an LS3 and TR6060 6 speed.

I've always wanted something to really hammer around a track so the LS seems like a great choice, also something i'm familiar with from past cars.

I just have a couple of questions with the LS swap, mainly the fuel system and pedal setup.

Can i retain the current 'carby' fuel tank i have now and get it modified to suit an in tank pump like a standard commodore / corvette / ctsv ?
Or are they just worlds apart in internal design?

And those who have done an LS / manual swap, what pedals are you using?

I was thinking about just using the entire pedal and clutch / brake setup from a VE / VF LS3 car, I would like to retain the booster setup.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, help me spend my money
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