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It seems most of you guys have threads on your build ups, so I guess I better join in on the fun.
It's a long story going back to 1992 when I bought the car.. I guess that's where I'll start, and bring it up to speed over the next few weeks..

1992. This is the basket case I bought. The only 1969 Camaro I had been able to find and was in the Trading Post as an unfinished project. (7s & 8s were evrywhere it seemed, but I much prefer 9s even if the dash is a b!tch to convert.)

The steering conversion was just plain wrong, the dash was a total mess, the firewall was a hack-job, the 454 dropped a valve after about 1000 miles, the th350 was scrapped within, and there was more filler in it that you could imagine.. I had no idea what I was about to get myself into. I paid a tad over $10K for it back then.

The huge amount of things wrong with this car is why I'm more the purist and not a fan of modifications. Rarely I see good ones.
So, my goal with the steering conversion on this car was naturally to make it look as though GM made this Camaro a factory RHD. But that's a long while later..

I was recently able to get in touch with the previous owner in California from details on the pink-slip. She told me she had "adopted" the Camaro after it had been stolen, and was found in a paddock with no transmission. She sent me a pic, circa 1983 after she got it running and was driving it for a couple of years. She had named it "Maybe".

Not the original green either. The original was Frost Green which is a lighter metallic green.
This is an example of the original Frost Green.
Yep, I prefer Tuxedo Black.

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