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Originally Posted by seanj View Post
Whatever happens, I'll take the time to ensure the body and frame is aligned. I'm leaning more and more to replacement aftermarket subframe and 4-link/torque arm rear. alignment will be part of the install

Exhaust is out and all the plumbing is removed. Interior next and then windows and mouldings after that.

Doing a bit of automotive archaeology, looks like this may have been an RS car originally?

Vacuum canister under LHS front guard

and vacuum lines running through the firewall at some stage

I just found one of these in my car as well!! Im not 100% sure what they are for but I don't think they are for brakes or RS headlights....

My best guess is they are something to do with cars that came with factory AC as all of the vents were originally vacuum driven...Anyone else know for sure?
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