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Originally Posted by Russ View Post
aw shame hey for next time, an old rag is a much better tool for those clips. you tuck it in under the handle and drag it in the direction the clip is facing. the rag grabs and pulls it out. 20 second job.

its actuallyl quite fun, im looking at all the bits that are the same between yours and mine we have the exact same dash! in fact i also have seen the same dash on a 63. i will bet fischer didnt bother making any different ones and just slapped them all with our cheap plastic style.

i painted mine in a nice 2k cream, and stuck a couple of chrome guages in, makes the dash really come alive. so maybe if you cant find the one you want, just hit it with some colour.

also you gotta be reallllllly careful if you are using the grinder/flapper on panels. i stretched one of my doors using it. got a couple of spots too hot while taking the paint off and it stared oil-canning. took a while the shrink it back again too.

but yeah, keep up the good work

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