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L88racer 03-07-2010 12:27 PM

Tow Car
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Hi Memebers

I brought this 1970 El camino about a year ago on ebay Australia or as some like to say (evilbay). I wanted a tow car for pulling the vette to the race tracks etc. The pictures are as they were on ebay with the front of the car in pieces and the engine held in place by chains. The car come with 396 and turbo 350 but not running.

[ATTACH]Attachment 5666[/ATTACH]Attachment 5665

After getting the car home i pulled all the junk out of the back and to my surprise most parts were there and not too much missing. The body was pretty rough with lots of bog and not sure what was lying underneath. I did ask during the auction how much rust in the car as i did not go and see it. The guy said not to much apart from the front gaurds!!
After a quick inspection when i got it home there was stuff all rust nothing in the cabin floor or in rear tray. There was some at the bottom of rear quarters and the front gaurds which i new about.

So i thought i would just put it back together and drive it maybe a bit of matt black and done deal, may not look sharp but would serve a purpose. I proceeded to fix the rust in the front gaurds and reasemble the car and test if it will run. Photos are of car put back together.
[ATTACH]Attachment 5668[/ATTACH]Attachment 5667
I was lucky the previous owner gave me some photos of the way he took the car apart and made life easy for me. The wiring went back together well and it was time to fire it up.
It started straight away and i thought this is fantastic. It was blowing a bit of light blue smoke and then the needle and seat fouled up and dumped too much fuel etc. Cleaned the plugs, needle and seat and got it going again. It was ready to drive around the block. Started driving and noticed blue smoke was a bit heavier and did not go away. I left the car idling at the factory and was standing there thinking about the blue smoke when i noticed 2 different fluids coming out from under the car.
1. found a welsh plug gone and pissing water out.
2. Trans fluid leaking out of 3 places.
At this time i was thinking what do i do and how much is this going to cost me.
So i made a decision right there and then to give the car a mini rebuild get it looking clean and machanically reliable. I will proceed to post some changes that already been done and in particular the next 4-6 months to get it finished and registered.

L88racer 03-07-2010 12:37 PM

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Work done to car so far!

The turbo 350 trans has been rebuilt.
The engine which was a real surprise, had edelbrock manifold, 750 holley and set of hedman headers. Pulled it apart to find this smoking issue and found the piston rings had relaxed and were not sealing. Turned out this was the only thing wrong and the block was still standard bore (lucky break). We just put new rings, bearings, gaskets and a towing cam in it. This is complete.
Fitted a disc brake front conversion from Hoppers Stoppers.
Located a correct bench seat which is being repaired.
Brought some new door trims and lots of other little bits and pieces that i found missing which will be fitted after paint.
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Hope to get car ready to be painted in 3-4 weeks, colour i'm thinking of is Grenada Gold with white stripes same colour as 67 camaro.

chevelle 03-07-2010 12:49 PM

Should look good. If your after a spare set of genuine front guards let me know.

L88racer 03-07-2010 12:55 PM

I wish i had known earlier as i had the rust repaired in my gaurds, i probably should of posted this build the day i got the car.
Thanks anyway!

rodent 03-07-2010 01:38 PM

Were are the pics taken Rowan? Trade Park?

L88racer 03-07-2010 01:44 PM

Hi Jim

Yes at my factory off Trade Park.

USA-69Z 03-07-2010 05:58 PM

ill swap ya my effy :cool:

L88racer 09-07-2010 08:44 AM

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Things are moving along with the elcamino and finishing off the body work. The rear quarters needed a fair amount of work to get them right, even though this is not a show car it still required alot of bondo removal and fix the panels to get it too look reasonable. The US guys love their Bondo!
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L88racer 09-07-2010 08:51 AM

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I also assembled my bumper bars with lenses etc. Sorry about the photos they came out crapo. On ebay the bumpers looked not to bad but when i got hold of the car they were terrible. I bought a new front bar from the US and the rear bar i got repaired locally by Prahran platers and i have to say that the locally repaired bar is far superior in quality, the chrome is really good compared to new US bar.
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L88racer 09-07-2010 08:58 AM

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Can anyone advise what sealant i need to use when refitting my inspection panels in the rear tray??
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69 DIRTY RAT 09-07-2010 08:05 PM

Sorry I don't have an answer for that ques.

But geez I luv those 70 utes! especially a big block! :) its gunna look great when finished.

just a question though.... have you checked the tow capacity of the ute, because I had a similar situation. I bought a HQ Panelvan thinking I'd use that as a tow vehicle but it was only rated to 1750kg. I imagine the Camino would be rated upto about 2000kg? Even if you have a light trailer + your Vette, you would come close to 2000kg? My trailer is 1000kg + my Vette 1500kg = 2500kg SO I sold the HQ and bought a 1972 Suburban and can now tow a mountain!

Its just if you have an accident with an overloaded trailer you are in BIG trouble these days!:eek:

L88racer 09-07-2010 08:57 PM

Hi Andy

I have not even thought of those issues, i am going to check my trailer complience plate tomorrow and see what overall weight is. Thanks for the info! I am currently towing the car with a 2001 ford 6Cyl ute and it does not like it at all, the 3sp auto trans really strugles.

USA-69Z 10-07-2010 12:17 AM

i gotta great towing vehicle here and i love ol' caminos :p


L88racer 10-07-2010 09:28 AM

I know you want it Gav, but no deal!!;)

anychevy 10-07-2010 10:38 AM


Originally Posted by L88racer (Post 41840)
Can anyone advise what sealant i need to use when refitting my inspection panels in the rear tray??

Check out the El Camino section @
Do a search for "smugglers box" but Sikaflex would work

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