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Webby 05-07-2018 08:13 AM

Photo blocker plate covers
Anyone here with any experience, good or bad of either the licence plate covers or spray?
Reason? 5000 miles in the USA: no ticket. Back home in Aus for 3 %$@* days and a camera ticket.
Damn nanny state, I'm going to fight back.

Frank351 05-07-2018 09:25 AM

I don't think that product will work in Vic at least for mobile cameras as they no longer flash. May work with red light cameras but I doubt it.

Angry 05-07-2018 10:50 PM

difference is, if your not driving n weaving all over the place like a maniac,...the yanks dont give a crap.....they dont care about revenue,....only that you dont drive crazy fast or dangerous...

While here in Australia,.......its exactley the opposite..

Of course that warning citation I got was purely

cluxford 06-07-2018 02:51 AM

^ where's the like button Alan

Angry 07-07-2018 12:43 AM

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Originally Posted by cluxford (Post 193294)
^ where's the like button Alan

Here ,...Attachment 35353

chevguy 07-07-2018 08:16 AM

I actually feel bad for most of the cops. They went in thinking they were serving the community. They’re now glorified parking meter collectors for the polly’s.

sar4890 10-07-2018 05:17 PM

I guess in Australia its more " To serve and collect"

Frank351 17-07-2018 08:07 PM


Originally Posted by chevguy (Post 193304)
I actually feel bad for most of the cops. They went in thinking they were serving the community. They’re now glorified parking meter collectors for the polly’s.

Yeah nah, I don't feel sorry for them.

I got 2 mobile camera speeding fines recently ... at the top of the fine there is the big 'Victoria Police' logo and they had nothing to do with it. Fines vic did all the work and get a lot of the money. VicPol are just taking credit for defining the laws at the behest of the police minister.

I heard someone define living in Vic as 'Living in a tax farm as free range humans'.

Pretty sad.

chevguy 18-07-2018 05:29 PM

What I really Hate is getting the fine three weeks later. I’m rooted if I can remember if I was speeding in that spot so how do you fight it? Also isn’t it their duty of care to correct your illegal driving to prevent a possible accident at the time of said infringement? If you have an accident after getting a flash for cash shouldn’t they be afforded a portion of responsibility ?

Geoff 4 18-07-2018 07:32 PM

We get treated like mugs in this country. And it will continue until the mugs get off their a**e & start taking action.

Just two examples:

[1] If you are booked for speeding, you should be notified immediately so that you can learn from your error & slow down. Getting booked a couple of times & then notified by mail 3-4 weeks later is not good enough.

[2] You get accused of shooting your neighbour. You don't have to pay to see the evidence [ the gun] that was supposedly used. Yet, in NSW at least, you have to PAY to see the photo that convicts you of speeding or going through a red light.

The system stinks.

Frank351 19-07-2018 11:46 AM

In Vic now the fines come quicker - about 10 days. The photo is also free on their website.

I do notice that nominating another driver and requesting a review take ages now. 3 months.

Just look at the proposal in NSW for 5 points for TOUCHING your phone. Double demerit points applies. People are addicted to their phones and wont stop, so they will pay more fines and drive around unlicensed because they lost their license and get more fines for that , etc. and away we go. It's disgusting.

I don't really care about using my phone in the car, but if I was one of the people above I think you could reasonably argue you were addicted and had no knowledge of what you were doing and get off like people get off when they are substance addicted.

Cali67 19-07-2018 12:11 PM

Can someone clarify something for me....
Are people annoyed that they are getting fined for doing the wrong thing?
Or are you getting annoyed because of the way you are getting fined?

Frank351 19-07-2018 05:09 PM

The way we are getting fined. Read the posts above.

Plus the tolerances are too small. I don't have a problem with catching dangerous drivers and especially drink/drug effected drivers, but a few kms over when noone is around (my last offence was after midnight with no traffic) is just revenue raising.

Plus 4 or 5 points for TOUCHING your phone ... it's ridiculous.

What I am finding more and more with the proliferation of 40kms speed limits is that people sit on 40 whether the speed limit is 60 or 70 as they prefer not to keep track of the changes and play it safe. It's dumb.

Geoff 4 19-07-2018 08:25 PM


Speaking for myself & what I observe on the road, a lot of people are getting fined for the wrong thing. No allowance is made for drivers using common sense. With a rising road toll in NSW, the HWP is just revenue raising, hiding behind trees, instead of getting amongst the traffic & booking people for hogging the rt lane when they are not overtaking; this causes frustration & accidents.

Some other observations:
- on a 90 kph road that I have travelled for decades, I have often seen the errant motorist booked for a few K's over the limit in light traffic conditions when it is safe to do so, but have NEVER seen somebody fined for hogging the rt lane which ocurs regularly.
- on this same stretch of road there have have been multiple fatal truck crashes because trucks did not engage 1st gear [ as the sign says ] when descending a steep hill. They use the brakes instead of low gear, & run out of brakes. Have NEVER seen a truck booked, despite numerous fatalities. The police in this instance pick on the easy prey, the car driver, not those that are killing people.
- a bike gets booked for 200 on a 110 freeway. 90k over the limit. No other traffic around, no side streets, clear weather, only the rider is at risk. Another driver goes through a 40 kph school zone at 70, with lots of kids milling about. Only 30 kph over the limit. Which is more dangerous.....but which one makes the 6pm news...

And then we have the stupid laws [ NSW anyway ]. Must keep 1m from a push bike. 'But, but officer, I was at least 1.001m from the bike....'

In pouring rain, poor visibility, night time, there is no legal requirement to reduce speed below the posted speed limit. Yet, it would in some situations, be wise to slow down....but you don't get booked if you don't slow down. Contrast this to a fine day, little or no traffic, good visibility, safe to do a few K's over the limit...& you get booked.

Frank351 20-07-2018 12:00 PM

Well said Geoff - it's dumbed down assuming people can't drive - even though they have a license and to make money.

From my personal experience and my last fine (which my wife was driving as all our cars are regoed in my name) it was after midnight. Noone around and we were doing 68 in a 60 zone then 3ks off so booked for 65.During the day you would struggle to do 40 or 50 there.

I was surprised to see a mobile car that late and now I realise its the only time they would make some money. There is no flash now so I reckon probably every car that went thru got done.

The difference between the US and AU when they invent some new whizz-bang technology:

US : How do we weaponize it ?
AU : How to we revenue raise with it ?

I would like to see the sheriff try clamping some good old boy's truck in the south US - they would have to identify him/her from their dental records.

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