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Angry 16-02-2017 12:57 AM

Effy 64 F100 Cruiser n hauler
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I bought this F100 in Arizona when i was there last year, finally managed to get it home.just after new years

I was lucky enough to have it stored n tinkered with at my mates in Tucson,
I even managed to drive it around to a couple of cruise ins while I was there,,

Its a 2 owner 1964 Custom Cab F100, running gear is a Y Block but the previous owner has upgraded the Y block t a 312 T Bird version.. however its holding a typical old F100 4 speed non synchro box...
After the intial fun wore off its actually pretty average to drive,,,Drum Brakes n no Power Steer along with a Beam Axle n twin leaf springs have come a long way since 1964 ,
The plan is to keep it LHD , a bit of a clean up n get it regoed , then a few mods n Engineer it ..
Ive managed to get hold of a whole XJ6 for the princely sum of $200 , however its missing the Motor n gearbox...
I really only bought it for the front end, after much musing over how n what to do with the front end a Jag seems like a reasonable choice .
I intend to fit Vintage Air n have Heat Demist n most importantly...AC..
The diff will remain 9" for the time being but probable cop a gearing change... After some discussions with some 60s F100 owners Im going to flip the front pair of the rear spring hangers to lower the back about 3"
At the front Id like to get it down around 3/4' without hitting the deck anywhere.
Interior wise Id like to keep a Bench seat so as to allow 3 people in the front legally ,the stock ones been re upholstered n is tidy but not brilliant.
Im trying to look at various options for re-powering her, lots of options but after a lot of consideration n thinking I wanna be able to jump in m drive 200/300 ks easily n reasonably efficiently,,, have a decent Altinater n power steer pump,..have power to tow my Camaro or a trailer,
An importantly be bloody be a reasonable power plant n importantly,...some thing that is neat to look at..
After looking at Windsors,..Big Block Chevy n Fords Small Black Chevys .. LS motors Ive decided to keep it Ford.....
Im thinking an XR6 Barra 6 Turbo motor n Auto box..

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Lucky Phil 16-02-2017 03:36 AM

Sound all good to me.....Great score with the XJ6 Al....That'll get the handling sorted....

zappa 16-02-2017 12:54 PM

Only 1 photo is working for me :/

Maybe a Coyote Motor just for something a bit different :)

chevguy 16-02-2017 01:20 PM

Pics don't work for me. Coyote motors are huge and require serious work to get to fit. That's why most old effies have chevs in them �� I thought about a barra but I really like the v8 noise ��

Angry 20-02-2017 09:16 PM

Hi guys, I need someone to help me a bit,...Im building my 64 Custom Cab with an 86 Jag front end. I wanna keep my 64 Left Hand Drive n I need a 74-86 LHD Jag XJ6 power rack, looks like Left hand drive Jags were never sold in Australia.
Does anyone have a LHD Rack it can be average as I want to use of as exchange core, or know where I can get one ???

Angry 09-10-2017 10:04 PM

Got a couple of things....
1/ How do I load images again,,,as these dont seem to be working ....

2/ I sourced LHD Jag reco rack out of the states,....
3/ Sourced a AUXR8 for the drive train n bits.....including Engine, Gearbox, Radiator , AC Condensor fans etc....also thinking power windows, n a few other bits out of the AU..
4/ I have a buddy in Georgia USA who has built one very similar,...hes fittd a 8.8" out of a Ford Explorer, which is 2.4" narrower has a slippery diff n discs.....Ive managed to stumble onto an 8.8" disc braked n 3.7 LSD Explorer diff n used it..
fitted my Jag front end n fabbed a couple of bolt in engine mounts on the Jag front end
5/ Had the chassis blasted, n cleaning it up of all the old bits,...
6/ sourced an EFI tank out of an XG/XH Falcon ute..n made mounts..

next week sand n paint chassis n strip front end to paint n rebuild.....then fab new Fuel line and brake lines...
have 8" double brake booster to fit to firewall n new 1 1/8th " master cylinder.

Sorting a steering column is the next item after that

Any help on posting images would be appreciated


RAW454 10-10-2017 10:20 AM

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Nice score Alan. Here's the only pic that's loading. (Is VERY small, that's why distorting when I enlarged slightly)

Attachment 34858

Thread on how to attach is here:

Angry 15-02-2018 01:38 AM


Originally Posted by RAW454 (Post 191336)
Nice score Alan. Here's the only pic that's loading. (Is VERY small, that's why distorting when I enlarged slightly)

Attachment 34858

Thread on how to attach is here:

Thanks Dino,...

I cant seem to get these images to work...

Any tips ???


aussie69camaro 15-02-2018 08:23 AM

This is mint.
was thinking this would go good with a Barra 6 and you had already mentioned it as a plan. Pretty much a big block 2JZ. and its fast becoming as popular as the LS swap now.

Angry 25-02-2018 02:18 AM

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OK, Ill have another go at this......

All the Jag front end and UA EFI Windsor n BTR Auto are all mounted along with the new diff.....
After much agonising and saying I wasnt going to paint anything and leave the original patina paint .... I decided to paint the inner guards and repair a little rust spot under the original battery tray,.... this was done in dark Charcoal Gray like the chassis,.....and then I had to repaint the firewall this was in Caribbean Turquoise.......

Original as she looked when I got her home,...late model 15x8 F100 rims...
Attachment 35133

Fotoshop of expected ride height
Attachment 35134

More Fotoshop images (ruff) of her at expected ride height..
Attachment 35135

Front Crossmember in...
Attachment 35136

Attachment 35137

Angry 25-02-2018 02:27 AM

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a few more pics,,,,
Mockup, EFI 302 Windsor from an AU XR8 including BTR 4 speed box,.

Attachment 35138

Attachment 35139

Attachment 35140
front shock mounts done,...wheels finally arrived ,..15x8 and 15x10s,...old school with sidewalls....
Attachment 35141

Decided the old single binnacle just wouldnt cut it, a deal on some Dakota Digital VHX gauges,...fabbed a new dash inset plate
Attachment 35143
Attachment 35142

quick mockup of the front sheetmetal for height n clearance check......Elvis approves,...all good...

Attachment 35144
XF Falcon Split bench ,..couldnt help myself decided t get the upholstery all done nice.,,,
Attachment 35145

Frank351 25-02-2018 08:34 AM

I'm liking this build a lot and good to see a Ford build.

Should be a cool cruiser.

chevguy 25-02-2018 02:20 PM

Love it.

Nev68 26-02-2018 08:08 PM

Looks good. :)
I have some XF seats tucked away for my pick up as I like that you can have a bench but move the back rests independently.

Keep us up to date with progress.

Ranga350 28-02-2018 04:48 PM

Looking good Al, love the dash insert

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