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SirGeo 13-09-2006 05:25 PM

My 1967 Camaro Restoration/Rebuild
Well most of this is being posted/converted from a bunch of emails i've been sending all my mates and any other people who were asking me about the progress on my car.. i found it easier just to write up something and send it across to everyone with a few pics of the progress...

I'll try get it all in date order, so bear with me while i slowly get this up on this forum..


This is what i bought early September 2005 (i'll include all the stats in the next post)

And this is what i want to build.. or very similar...

P.S. Ignore all the dates in all my photo's as i don't know how to set the camera up properly i'll try put proper dates on all posts...

SirGeo 19-09-2006 02:04 PM

**Please ignore all dates on photo's, i'm still trying to work the friggen thing out....

After having owned and built numerous VL's (turbo and non-turbo) I decided to finally buy something different.. I had a few cars in mind.. the 3 leading cars were a Ferrari (308 GTx), a early Camaro or a T-Bucket. And of coarse the temptation to do something I know (a VL) was always there..

Each car was chosen for various reasons, Ferrari because ever since I was young I always had a matchbox Ferrari of some sort and I just wanted to say I owned a Ferrari in my younger years..

The Camaro again because I had matchbox versions, and always loved them, was starting see a few more here an there and they were GM's response to the mustang..

A T-Bucket.. well what can I say.. everyone loves a t-bucket.. it's a driveline bolted to a chassis and (literally) a bucket bolted down to it for the driver... can't get any simpler, and I can respray it every other weekend if I want..

In between I checked out a few other cars but nothing really took my fancy.. and as pointed out in the first post I settled on a 1967 Camaro.

In mid september 2005 i came accross one and deicided to buy it...

Now, I would just like to point out I did not jump on the "Camaro" band wagon. I bought it in Sep 2005 after nearly 6 months of looking. As far as I know the price hike and sudden popularity of them started in Jan '06, as that's when I noticed all the spare parts started rocketing in price ... So I got in just in time.

I bought it for a very tidy sum.. allot lower than what you'd expect to find a Camaro in very bad condition now days. I bought it with the intentions of having a project and building it up, i did not look for a "completed" car as it takes away a bit of the fun of having to build it up myself... So here's what i got.. Was only in Australia for a few weeks before i got to it.

It came with a chev-327 (originally a 350 according to the build plates) with a Powerglide, all being put to the ground by 10 bolt diff.

The interior was a bit 'iffy' so the person I bought it off chucked in a brand new OEM black interior. Build plates say it came with the "special" interior but I'm not fussed.

After going over the car thoroughly I knew it had a guard replaced and some rust here and there which was expected.. but the seller also gave me a new genuine rear valance panel and cowl hood. Also included was a rear spoiler, new interior trim bits and pieces, new chrome handles, new mirrors, wipers, badges etc.. also gave me a bush kit, chassis to body rubbers and a whole heap of other stuff.. (all for free) so I think I did quite well.

Also anytime I need anything, I can ask him directly he can find it for me and gives it to me at a very good price...

SirGeo 19-09-2006 03:16 PM

on the 03 of September 2005 i took delivery of my new pride and joy....

Came to my door and i quickly tucked it into it's temporary home until somewhere more permanent (and roomy) could be arragned

SirGeo 19-09-2006 04:00 PM

Original Sent: Monday, 17 October 2005 9:50 AM

Decided to do some work on Saturday morning. Firstly I traveled to my new favorite place in the whole wide word ‘Lylidale Industrial Park’ (in Vic), it has every single automotive business in regards to American cars any one can think off. I made the trip to talk to a Right Hand drive conversion specialist (as my can is currently left hand drive), although they mainly do mustangs there is a guy their named ‘Colin’ that knows his camaro’s and ffered to do it for me.
We worked out a price (lets just say my Girlfriend has to wait a bit longer for that ring), and figured out how he needs the car, front end striped, motor out, interior removed, and wiring gone. I went home just after lunch and started doing it all.

Decided first thigs first... the front had to be stripped so i could take out the motor... Nothing too hard, just a couple of bolts needed to be WD40'd to "help" them out...
I thought no pointin screwing around and taking the motor and auto out seperatly, since they needed to both be out i just took them out in 1 piece.. allot easier.. disconnected the tailshaft etc first offcoarse...

and here's the 327 my girlfriend has claimed as her "spare" motor for her 39 Chev...

I continued stripping the whole front off, guards and all, took all the interior out, wiring dash etc was also removed, as it would make it easier for the RH conversion.

This is bassically what it ended up looking like by the end of the night..

Didn’t finish until late, and only broke 1 thing.. but that one thing happened to be something expensive.. the windscreen, and it’s an old American car, so I can’t exactly call windscreen o’brians to get a new one like i'd be used to with the commodores.. And that was probably the only thing that i should have been able to salvage from it.. looked it was replaced not that long ago, oh well these things happen...

SirGeo 19-09-2006 04:11 PM

Originally Sent: Thursday, 3 November 2005 10:11 AM

On Monday the camaro was sent to conversion place to be changed to a Right Hand Drive, and I got some happy snaps after it arrived.

This is what it is like in it’s present state.. hopefully it’s only there a week or 2 then it’s home and I can start to work my magic…. 0111/1.jpg 0111/2.jpg 0111/3.jpg 0111/4.jpg

SirGeo 19-09-2006 04:42 PM

The Search for a Original BB 427 Begins.
Originally Sent: Monday, 28 November 2005 2:42 PM

I decided I wanted to go a big block, I have the opportunity to so why not.. if I wanted to build a small block car I'd go something cheaper...
And the BigBlock I decided upon... a 427.

They came out in the special edition Yanko camaro's so I could get away with it if I had any questions from the Authorities or Vic Roads..I can say it was a factory/dealer option :p

Anyway, apparently it's hard to find original 427's.,. there are plenty of 454's that have been down stroked (which is a last resort for me), since they have the exact same casts it's just a matter of changing the crank. and that's it.. (as far as I can tell from my research and questions)..

Anyway I've been looking for a few and any that do come up are very expensive (almost as much as I paid for the actual car)...

I constantly have with me a 427 "bible" that I can quickly index to check if it's original or not.. don't ask me why I'm being picky.. but I just am....

Here's an example of one of the first apparent 427's I checked out...


Casting Number 3963512

From this we know:

It was produced between the years 1969 – 1972

Can be either a 427 or 454

Can be a 2 or 4 bolt main

Suffix Code


(as it can be seen it has the layout of the post 70’s code of ‘F0114CMB’ and not the pre 70’s of ‘F0114MB’)

From this we deduce

T = Engine Assembly Plant Tonawanda Engine Plant
02 = Assembly Month February
13 Assembly Day 13th
C = Motor Division – Chevrolet Passenger car
PD = only on 454

(codes shown include motor division i.e. CPD)

SirGeo 19-09-2006 04:51 PM

*continued from above post.

Heads Casting No.


*was pulled from the left side head between the first and second cylinder (in the row).

Can be either out of a 454 or 402. If this was the only thing that had a 454 next to it I wouldn’t be worried, as allot of 427 were changed over to the bigger 454 heads. But it wasn’t.

Production Date Stamp

Had the date stamp of ‘A27*1’

From this we can say it was produced:

A – January
27 – 27th
1 – 1971

January 27’th 1971 (second Picture)

All this can also be checked on this site:

Also the engine number..

*Engine number (found next to the suffix code)

11L141XXX (last 3 digits removed for privacy)

1 - Chevy
1 - 1971
L – Vehicle Assembly Plant – Los Angeles, California
141XXX – Partial Vin number

So by doing all this I concluded that the motor was a 454.. Maybe (but a big maybe) it is a 427 but I wasn't going to rush myself into it.. I have plenty of time until I need a motor...

SirGeo 19-09-2006 09:46 PM

**Late December 2005

Went and visited the conversion place to see how the car was going.. while I was there I organised for them to replace the rear valance panel with a new item that was supplied to me when I bought the car.. for very small cost they agreed to do it.

After a brief chat we decided to put an early model FORD power sterring pump and rack, as they fit in with minimal trouble and they had plenty on hand as it's the same they use on all the mustangs they do.

I also took a few quick happy snaps while I was there (sorry about the picture quality.. had to use my phone) DEC/1xx.jpg

A pic of the old Rear Valance Panel.. DEC/2xx.jpg

And a pic of the new just before i got my hands back on the car.. DEC/3xx.jpg

Was told it would be ready in about 6weeks...

SirGeo 19-09-2006 10:00 PM

Well a few weeks after my visit i was contacted and told my car was ready.. :) :) the day after new years to be exact  so it was a great new years present for me.. we quickly organised to get it sent back to me.

While it was literally on it’s way.. I completed setting up it’s new house…. My father graciously allowed me to commandeer a small section of his factory.. I don’t see it staying this neat for long as he tends to run out of room quite quickly.. He repairs bumpers, headlights and makes/modifies/repairs bodykits as well if anyone was wondering..

Anyway.. took it off the tow truck and set it in it’s new spot….

I decided to start working on it straight away.. first thing that needed to be removed was the sub-frame (front chassis).. A task in it’s self… I had never had to remove a chevy front before so I will admit to be a bit perplexed at times..

I removed the front suspension bits and pieces, nearly shooting the whole thing in the air removing the first spring… (no one warned me!!)

And then it was so easy I thought I forgot something.. 4 bolts.. that’s it… that’s all that holds the chassis to the shell…. Anyway.. Here’s the Chassis off… Next project to tackle is to clean that up….

SirGeo 19-09-2006 10:07 PM

Originally Sent: Monday, 9 January 2006 3:33 PM

Well this is what it currently looks like….

And here’s my new dash.. The conversion place , more importantly Colin done a great job changing everything from left to right,,, It is pretty much flawless… Even converted the wiper blade arms and mounts.. something a few other places i rang for quotes wouldn't do...

SirGeo 19-09-2006 10:18 PM

Again.. Please ignore all dates on Photo's

Originally Sent:[/B] Monday, 9 January 2006 3:33 PM (continued)

Anyway I pulled the front chassis (sorry “sub-frame”) off and hit it with a grinder/wire brush to get 30+ years of grime/old paint and surface rust off.. It took me 2 full days.. And that’s no stuffing around, 2-3 hour sessions in a row with a 15 min break in between, not for me, but for the grinder.. The grinder got so hot I actually burnt my hands, but I wanted it done as I couldn’t leave it half bare metal or the surface rust would re-start..

Anyway, I got it done late Saturday..

Here's the modifications they had to do to the chassi for the conversion and the new power steering pump.
Picture on the left is where they filled in the space where the old box was bolted..
Picture on the right is where they made the new section.

After grinding the shiet out of it with a grinder/wire brush, getting it back to bare metal, I gave it a coat of Super Etch metal primer/etcher.
It should keep it from rusting up again, and the etch I bought can be used as an under coat so when I’m ready I can hit it with the shiny 2pak gloss black :)

Mmmmm looks like new…

SirGeo 19-09-2006 10:29 PM

Originally Sent: Wednesday, 15 February 2006 3:51 PM

After a few weeks absence from working on the Camaro due to may reasons (Girlfriends and all their functions), the Saturday that just past I was able to spend time finishing my firewall…

When I got it back from the conversion joint it looked as follows

I spent a good day grinding it all back to bear metal so I could see all the welds and any imperfection, unnecessary holes etc…

As it can be seen it was actually very warpy, and no way acceptable if I want to paint it black.

First thing I did was hit it with a disc grinder taking out all the high spots, grinding down any ugly welds.

This took me a good full day but before I finished up, I gave it a coat of some quality etch primer to make sure it doesn’t rust and that the paint I put on in the future holds and doesn’t flake.

Next opportunity I had to work on it, I spent the time filling any low spots with a special mix of black bog, high fill and plenty of love.

After initially filling as much as I could I hit it with a flat sander and found plenty more low and high spots (bad if you paint black as they show up)

I filled them as best I could, and gave it a quick coat of black undercoat.

And that is the semi finished product. It still needs another coat of high-fill just to get out any imperfections, and a coat of gloss black will go on it once I do everything else, as I will just end up scratching it.

Also I had the opportunity to work on the upper dash panel. Since I couldn’t find a 1967 top dash anywhere in Australia, I had to use a 1968 one, only real difference are a few extra holes along the top for the extended crash pad and a small slit on the left hand side.

While I was working on the firewall I decided to take it back to bare metal and convert it too a ’67 dash.

As it can be seen by those pinkish dots along the top, I filled them with a mix of bog/high fill and a fiberglass mesh to give it extra strength. In the picture we are applying a special hardener to give it a steel finish and make sure it never cracks…

Anyway, that’s the firewall done and top dash panel.

This weekend I hope to complete the interior sections, floor scuttle panels etc… hopefully I don’t need to replace anything major.


SirGeo 19-09-2006 10:42 PM

Originally Sent: Tuesday, 7 March 2006 9:49 AM

Allot of people have been asking me how I’ve been going with the car and what I’m up to.. well here you go…

On Sunday while most of the boys went home to relax there weary muscles after a hot and hard 18 holes of golf, I had to head over to the factory and work on the camaro. With the inside of the factory nearing 40 degrees Celsius (perfect for painting), although hot, it was a good opportunity to paint the floor and boot.
To this date it currently looks like this:



To get it to this stage I had spent the previous few weeks grinding the floors to bare metal, I blew up 3 grinders doing it, thank god for Bunning’s no questions asked return policy, I was able to go and replace them after 30min use and still smoking. As was assumed it had a fair bit of rust, mainly surface, but at many points it hard started pitting the surface (making it look like lots of bubbles had popped).

Here’s what it looked like before the grinding:


SirGeo 19-09-2006 10:45 PM


I returned to the factory this past Saturday, and with a bare metal floor and boot I proceeded to make sure I had gotten rid of all the rust.

I used a new’ish product called POR15 ( ) a great product I would recommend to anyone restoring a car.
It comes in 3 main parts, a cleaner/degreaser, a rust killer and a epoxy/2K paint.

Firstly made sure the surface was clean with the cleaner, then I added the rust killer/converter. What I thought was bare metal and free of rust, this stuff proved me wrong, it showed spots of rust in little crevices. After leaving it for nearly an hour it had turned all the rust into sulfur. Another quick clean with the cleaner and this is what it looked like after a few hours of drying.

*white sandy areas = rust converted.

While waiting for this to dry, I removed the fuel tank and assessed at how I am going to remove the Diff and make sure it is still moveable.

I decided to let the floor dry properly and left it over night in the heat.

As I mentioned before on Sunday we went played golf, and when we finished I headed straight to the factory and gave the floor 2 coats of the por15 paint. 3 hours dry time in between. Finished up at 11:30 that night and went to bed.

When POR15 is completely dry it is as hard as cement and completely seals the metal from outside elements. It Is basically what is used on industrial floors, but with a rust preventative mixed within it to stop rust coming up again.

All I need to do now is rub down and paint all the turquoise parts in the interior with a etch 2pack paint and the interior is done. But I’ll leave that for when I have more to spray.

So that’s where I am with the Camaro.

Next week I plan on tackling and finishing the roof, and if I can, start on the rear quarters.

EAT-30T 20-09-2006 05:02 PM

Looks good man.....

I'll have to post up progress of my 69 Pro touring!!! :D


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