View Full Version : How to get your Third Gen F body sounding Tuff

06-09-2007, 08:59 AM
How to get your Third Gen F body sounding Tuff.

Hi all, just wanting to hear from guy's on any suggestions or alterations on the style of Exhaust system or rear muffler used to develop a beefer tone on 80'a models Trans Am's with the 305 and 350's (especially the TPI style). They tend to have an in the middle sound. It's not the classic 70's tuff V8 note, yet not the smooth throaty late model Chev V8 sound either.

I've got the 3" from the front through a empty cat, in to a custom made performance rear muffler with the typical 1 in and 2 out (the outs are 2 1/4"'s.)

I was going to look at squeezing a twin all the way from the font with small little glass pack resonators (hot dog style) at the rear just before the tail pipes as one option or perhaps try an Edelbrock style muffler. I'm really keen to hear from anyone as to any suggestions or feedback on what they have.


06-09-2007, 06:06 PM
From memory (not all that good anymore) my 82 Z28 had a basically flat floor and a large hump for the cat under the right front seat, which basically ruled out a conventional twin system. (I went with a 3" single as well)
I think the gain in a better exhaust note from a smaller twin system wouldn't be worth the loss in performance, but things have changed since the 80s ?
The best thing I ever did to that car was remove all the smog garbage, the pump and pipes, EGR valve etc., installed a decent cam, a conventional quadrajet (the electronic POS went in the bin with the ECU) and a pair of headers, then it went and sounded pretty good for a 305.